About Us

The Home Service Store® (HSS) coordinates the marketing, sale and installation of do-it-for-me home improvement projects on a nationwide basis on behalf of several of America’s most respected home improvement and general merchandise “Big Box” retailers. Headquartered in Kennesaw, GA, HSS has developed a unique model that integrates manufacturers, contractors and retailers in a partnership that offers homeowners a compelling value proposition for a variety of home improvement projects, such as flooring, windows, siding and insulation.

HSS has developed and maintains a nationwide network of over 700 independent dealers and installers, which HSS has vetted for workmanship, service quality, insurance coverage and reliability. The average tenure of HSS dealers and installers is over 5 years, offering a stable and experienced network of professionals. HSS manages the projects assigned to these dealers and installers through proprietary information systems and an experienced team operating out of the company’s Corporate Operations Center in Rutland, Vermont. HSS manages the project from start to finish, with multiple customer touches to ensure customer satisfaction, minimizing service issues. Through this network, HSS provides consumers with a reliable end-to-end solution for the purchase and installation of large-ticket home improvement products, processing over 40,000 projects each year.

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A Kublin, Sharon, MA